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Pet nutrition, pet toys, and other products: In order to meet the evolving market demand, we attach great importance to the development of new products, we have a strong R & D team every year, the company has a strong R & D team, Have pet-like new products listed, so far, we have more than 50 product patents and more than 10 pet supplies production equipment patents. We have an experienced, quality-conscious management team; we strictly in accordance with the requirements of food hygiene production management, the company has passed ISO220000, BRC and GIVIP and other food safety and health international management system certification, and has passed the EU health registration license and the United States FDA import license. With excellent product quality,


In the past, pets simply refer to animals that are kept for the purpose of eliminating loneliness or for recreational purposes. Today's pets are defined as animals and plants that are kept for non-economic purposes. A pet is an animal or plant that is fed for spiritual purposes. Usually in order to eliminate loneliness, or entertainment and feeding, before the pet is generally mammalian or avian animal, because these animals are more developed brain, easy and people exchange. Today, the pet also appears in many virtual online games, accompanied by players lonely.


Dogs are the most faithful friends of mankind, who will accompany you throughout your life and protect you until they die. Medical experts at the University of Pennsylvania have confirmed that being close to pets can help lift anxiety, improve heart health and improve the immune system. China 's only child, due to the special nature of the family structure and no brothers and sisters can communicate with them, coupled with their parents busy, so that some children because of lack of emotional communication and become inferiority, ego and irritability, anxiety, and even autism. Small animals can inspire children to be active, curious nature. In the process of companion animals, children can not only develop sense of responsibility, but also to make them close to nature from childhood, love, caring, caring others, and share their joy.

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Wenzhou Zhongshi Pet Food CO.,LTD
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